Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions that our clients ask us. If you need more information don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Screwdriver and plies

While many handy property owners can complete the jobs we do, the difference is in quality and peace of mind. Stumbling through a job could not only leave an unattractive finish, but could also be unsafe or have limited function. With Handyman Pros California, the quality and safety or our work is always guaranteed.

Part of being the best handyman in Southern California is accepting even the smallest of jobs, such as furniture assembly or replacing hard-to-reach light bulbs. We believe that displaying our ability and professionalism regardless of the size of the job will lead to future work when you need it done.

In short, yes, it probably is. The most common cause of a tripped circuit is being overloaded. Call us and we'll visit your property to identify whether too much electricity is being loaded on a single circuit and causing the problem or if it's another issue.

Many handyman firms work illegally, but that's not the case at Handyman Pros California. We have full licenses, insurance, and all necessary certifications for the work we perform. For any job that falls outside our domain, we'll refer you to another completely legal service provider.

A leaky faucet can be extremely frustrating, but the good news is that it's usually an easy fix. On a service visit, one of our experts will look for eroded seals or worn parts to try and provide a repair instead of a full faucet replacement.

There is no catch we are more affordable than many of our competitors. One reason is that many handyman operations in Southern California are actually franchised from national chains. At Handyman Pros California, we're completely local and have no national licensee to pay, thus making costs lower.